How to market your business in France

Get your expansion plans off to a great start, with our quick guide for marketers

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With its high household incomes and a passion for consumer goods, France could be a lucrative market for your business. Master the essentials of one of Europe’s shopping hotspots, with our quick guide for marketers.

1 Shoppers

French consumers are relatively high-income and see shopping as a major leisure activity. While consumers here are very open to buying from foreign companies, they tend to be more inclined to choose domestic suppliers when it comes to their food. There’s also growing concern about the environment and a movement towards living more healthily, which is driving a demand for organic products.1

2 Social media

There are more than 33 million Facebook users in France, and social media ads are a popular way for brands to connect with potential customers. By 2020, social media ad spend will reach US$1.9 billion and represent almost a third (30.2%) of total online advertising spend in the country.1

3 Major shopping categories

French consumers love shopping online, and top shopping categories include travel (32%); clothing (10%); home equipment (7%); and cultural products (5%). As a means of purchase, click and collect is also on the rise in France (especially in the grocery sector), with 38% of consumers having used it in 2017 (up 2% from 2016).1

When it comes to shopping on mobile, clothing is now the most popular items bought by consumers, followed by technology products.