A guide to ensuring quality localization

How to ensure and maintain quality across your localized content.

A guide to ensuring quality localization

1 Overview

The challenge

The quality of your business’s offering should be consistent across all markets. This should filter through to the language you use to communicate your message. Once you have selected suitable third party vendors or in-house staff to provide translation services, how do you benchmark, streamline, and maintain this quality?

Your aim

To make sure that the quality of translation is benchmarked, streamlined, and maintained to ensure people receive a consistent service and your brand is consistent worldwide.

How to go about it

The guidelines below show a systematic approach to quality assurance (QA) throughout your localization program.

First consider the scale of your localization program. Start by considering these questions:

  • What translation resources and tools do we have?
  • How will we source experienced translators and reviewers?
  • Who will lead the localization quality assurance process?