Ultraplast expands into 10 new European markets with the help of AdWords


  • Recover from financial hardship
  • Quickly find and tap into new markets
  • Start selling direct to consumers online
  • Drive significant growth through online sales


  • Taught themselves to use AdWords
  • Identified international opportunities and expanded their strategy with Search and dynamic remarketing
  • Devoted 100% of their marketing budget to AdWords
  • Used the Merchant Centre


  • Expanded to 10 European markets in three years using AdWords
  • Enjoyed a 50% growth in revenue year on year
  • Used their AdWords strategy to sell additional products to 10 new markets in months, not years
  • Increased revenue by a further 37% with a redesigned website

Family-run Eastern Slovakian car roof box manufacturer Ultraplast have reinvented their business with the help of AdWords and today enjoy success in 10 European markets.

Saving his family-run business was a priority for Ultraplast CEO Peter Nedeliak after the 2008 financial crisis resulted in the 20 year-old business losing 90% of its customers in one month.

Peter knew the company had to quickly find new customers for the roof boxes it manufactured. So Peter and his team taught themselves to use AdWords to reach a new audience, and were selling their product online within weeks.

Peter explains the urgency of those first few weeks stating “we had no partners or any possibility of selling via shops. So we created our own e-shops and started advertising with Google. It was a very exciting time.”

Soon the team were able to identify international opportunities and expanded their strategy with Search and dynamic remarketing.

It was this strategic use of AdWords that lead to Ultraplast being sold in 10 countries across Europe. Peter notes that when they had problems shipping to the UK, they stopped using AdWords there until the situation was resolved, noting it was like “switching a light on and off.”

After successfully building their business through AdWords, Ultraplast have used the same strategy to bring other products to 10 markets. Only this time they’ve done it in months, not years.

Today, Ultraplast employs 50 people and dedicates 100% of its marketing budget to AdWords.

“If you want to sell a product, AdWords is key. It can have such a dramatic effect on sales figures.” Peter Nedeliak, CEO, Ultraplast