Synerion’s workforce management solutions conquer new markets with Google Ads


  • Gain deeper understanding of target markets and improve campaign relevance
  • Build brand recognition outside home country
  • Expand territory across North America
  • Grow the business internationally


  • Researched the behavior of target markets
  • Used Google Ads to gain audience insights and direct campaigns
  • Adjusted international versions of their website to fit new audiences
  • Worked with Search Engine People, a Google Partner, to drive faster international growth


  • Successfully launched into the US
  • 30% increase in sales in one year
  • On track to double North American revenue within 3-5 years
  • Strongest sales outside Canada achieved in US, Israel, South Africa, and Australia

Canadian business management experts Synerion have achieved over 7,000 installations worldwide of their two major products – Agile Workforce and Enterprise Workforce. To expand across North America, Synerion used Google Ads to help solve their biggest challenge: capturing the attention of new markets.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Canada with remote salespeople across North America, Synerion sells workforce management software and technology solutions for tracking employee time and attendance, automating HR processes and absence management for businesses of all sizes.

Synerion knew there were opportunities to sell their two major products (Agile Workforce and Enterprise Workforce) internationally because of the universal need for businesses to manage employees. A key challenge, however, was being discovered by new markets outside of their home country. “We’re confident in the quality and breadth of what we offer,” says Paolo Gilfillan, Director of Sales and Marketing for Synerion North America. ”Our biggest challenge is being found.”

Synerion already had a robust Canadian online marketing strategy, which included SEO, blogging, social media channels, and Google Ads campaigns. However, when they wanted to start selling internationally in 2011, Gilfillan found he needed to adjust this strategy to make it work in international markets. Synerion was largely focusing on inbound marketing but there was a need to ensure that once found, the information they served to their new audiences was relevant to the local market.

To this end, before entering the US, the company looked at the online search patterns of different regions. “Keyword matching is a strong indicator of local market interest,” explains Gilfillan. “The words being searched can be totally different depending on the market.” After researching the behavior of each market, Synerion began rolling out separate Google Ads campaigns in Canada, and in different regions across North America. Each campaign provided valuable insight into what worked with different audiences, allowing Synerion to adjust the campaigns as necessary.

The company also made tweaks to the international versions of their website to further complement the insights they gathered from Google Ads. “Online marketing has always been a priority for us and it became the number one priority when growing abroad,” says Gilfillan.

To drive faster international growth, Gilfillan enlisted the help of a Google Partner, Search Engine People, to help with research and online campaign development. “It can be a mistake for businesses to hire ‘some person’ they know for digital marketing because they’re ‘good at this stuff.’ There are plenty of professional digital agencies that aren’t out of reach for small businesses,” says Gilfillan. “Look for agencies that focus on your goals and ROI rather than your media costs.”

This strategy has paid off for Synerion, with sales outside of Canada strongest in the US, Israel, South Africa and Australia, and increasing 30% in just one year. “The ROI is incredible,” says Gilfillan. “We plan to continue increasing investments in digital.” This success is setting the pace for their upcoming goals, with the company expecting to double its North American revenue in the next three to five years.

Gilfillan credits digital marketing for the company’s recent advances into international markets. “Digital marketing gives you the knowledge and insights you need in a cost-effective way that allows you to adapt to a market and drive revenue quickly,” he says. “In my mind, marketing comes first and sales come second.”

“Digital marketing gives you the insights you need in a cost-effective way that allows you to adapt to a market and drive revenue quickly.” Paolo Gilfillan, Director of Sales and Marketing, Synerion North America