Virtual office brand, Rovva, dials up success with Google and Croud

Discover how Rovva increased conversions, and supported SMBs around the world during the pandemic


  • Support SMBs through challenging economic times
  • Strengthen US presence
  • Grow e-commerce deals
  • Expand the business globally


  • Accessed Google’s customer and market insights
  • Improved website and ad messaging
  • A/B tested CTA messaging and placements
  • Optimized form submission process


  • 85% growth in deals
  • 25% increase in ROI
  • 57% higher conversion rate
  • 593 more SMBs supported

Rovva offers a range of products and services to help customers who are starting, running or growing their business—providing everything from virtual offices and workspace memberships around the globe, to marketing, legal and IT services.

As part of a larger multinational serviced office brand, the business aspires to offer an even more diversified product offering in the coming year to support SMBs, especially as they deal with the challenges of the pandemic. When the virus took hold in early 2020, the team knew it had to quickly establish itself globally, and be ready to help firms be more efficient, cut costs, and evolve faster. However, with a rapid launch into global markets, the business needed to improve its conversion rate and Return on Investment (ROI) to justify further media budget investment.

How Google and Croud collaborated to help

Gathered new customer insights

Rovva’s global marketing agency, Croud, contacted Google’s International Growth team to get a deep-dive analysis into the US market, and access new customer insights and strategies.

Optimised website and messaging

Google’s Customer Experience Specialist developed a US market masterclass to identify gaps in the pre-sales funnel, tailor support to US customers, and prioritize gaps using qualitative competitor benchmarking.

Working collaboratively, Google and Croud planned a series of cross-channel tactical initiatives. For example, they highlighted key USPs on specific website pages to help drive click-throughs, and reflected these in paid media ad copy to improve engagement and drive more relevant traffic to the site. The team also A/B tested a range of call to action (CTA) prompts and placements—and optimized the e-commerce journey to encourage users to engage further and convert.

Grew conversion rate, deals, and ROI

Within three months, improvements to the website along with various tactical initiatives had boosted the conversion rate by 57%. From this success, Croud and Rovva’s Marketing teams were then able to justify additional budget to invest in the brand. Despite the negative impact of the pandemic on businesses, by July 2020 the improved conversion rate led to an 85% growth in deals, and a 25% rise in ROI compared to an average month in Q1 2020. Furthermore, by October 2020, Rovva hit record growth—with the number of deals up by 152% vs Q1 average.

Most importantly, the team was also able to support 593 SMBs at a time when they needed it most—with various business solutions for startups, plus a regularly updated blog offering resources, guides, tips and articles relevant to the challenges ahead.

Off the back of these strong results, Rovva has since applied the same recommendations to additional markets, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

International growth has always played a pivotal role in Rovva’s diversification strategy—and this became especially vital as the pandemic took its toll and remote working surged. With help from Google’s International Growth team and Croud, the business was able to adapt and refocus on its core objectives of driving conversions and, of course, supporting SMBs during this challenging time.

“I’m really pleased how IGT, Croud and Rovva worked together to increase the website’s commercial performance. At this very challenging time, it’s also great to see we could help our SMB customers continue to grow. I’m definitely looking forward to collaborating again on new markets as we roll out Rovva globally.” Jon Abrahams, Managing Director Digital Businesses, Rovva

"Google’s International Growth team has been an invaluable partner to Croud during a challenging year for many of our clients. Through Google's Global Business Solutions program, the team took the time to understand Rovva's business proposition, and provided guidance and recommendations to achieve our clients’ goals.” Jawdat Nassour, Client Digital Director, Croud