Gelato use Google Ads to take digital print to a global audience

Gelato use Google Ads to take digital print to a global audience


  • Reach millions of global customers
  • Increase efficiency and sustainability of $800bn print industry
  • Build a global intelligent print cloud


  • Used Google Ads to reach new markets
  • Used Google Marketing Platform to simplify management of growing mobile business


  • Launched into new markets from their Oslo HQ
  • Achieved a presence in 50+ countries
  • 50% of traffic now comes from mobile devices

Award-winning cloud printing business Gelato use an intelligent digital print cloud to offer their services to businesses of all sizes from their Oslo headquarters. They have successfully established a global presence in more than 50 countries by using Google Ads as their salesforce.

Founded in 2007, Norway’s Gelato have established a global presence with an online marketing team of just three people.

In a competitive industry worth $800 billion, Gelato have achieved their international coverage by using Google Ads as their salesforce and operating the business through a print cloud, without any need for printing machines of their own.

In fact, Gelato was one of the first companies in Europe to move their entire business into the cloud. This means they use a software platform to connect their print customers to printers and distributors near them, making the service affordable for a global audience. Heavy investment in the mobile user experience also means Gelato’s customers can manage and monitor entire print runs through just a phone or tablet.

To reach a global audience and continue their global expansion, Gelato rely on digital marketing with Google Ads at the heart of their strategy. The global reach, rich data, and granular targeting of Google Ads lets Gelato maximize their exposure to customers in-market for printing services while maintaining a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Coupled with the flexibility and agility of Gelato’s own technology, this approach has allowed the brand to make impressive leaps forward. This has included launching and consolidating the business in Australia – an entirely new market –without ever placing employees on the ground.

As profit-driven marketers looking to extract maximum value from their advertising budgets, all of Gelato’s global marketing activity is handled by the three-person team in Oslo. By leveraging the Google Marketing Platform's ability to manage multiple campaigns with hundreds of tailored messages across dozens of devices, this small group has achieved consistent industry-leading conversion rates and enviable ROI.

In fact, now celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2017, Gelato has continuously achieved double-digit year-on-year growth. CEO and Founder Henrik Müller-Hansen believes that Google products and services will be key to maintaining this performance as they export their digital print cloud to further new markets. “When we reach out and grow Gelato, Google Ads is our salesforce,” he says.

“When we reach out to grow Gelato around the world, Google Ads is our salesforce.“ Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO, Gelato