How to draft great job descriptions

Make every word count

How to draft great job descriptions

The challenge

When it comes to expanding your business overseas, hiring is one of the most critical and exciting challenges your company will face. Every new hire affects the team, culture, and company direction. It pays to invest time, resources, and research into the hiring process. When hiring overseas, the job description is often the first thing a potential hire will see from an organization. Each word in your job posting sends a signal about your company. How do you leave the candidate wanting more, but feeling informed?

Your aim

Ensure your job descriptions clearly describe the scope and responsibilities of the role and simultaneously highlights the mission and purpose of your organization. It should be simple, jargon-free, and easily understood by candidates in your international target market(s).

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Regardless of your target market, you should focus your job description content on four categories: area, role, responsibilities, and job qualifications. Google's internal and external user studies found that it's best to start high-level (what’s this company all about?) and then get down to the details (what does a person in this role do every day?).