FC-Moto increases international reach fivefold with Dynamic Search Ads

Success story of German motorcycle equipment retailer expanding from 5 to 25 countries


  • Increase international reach
  • Sell in countries where FC-Moto did not speak the language
  • Automate activity where possible to drive significant growth


  • Employed Dynamic Search Ads
  • Introduced auto targeting
  • Implemented automated bidding
  • Used Conversion Optimizer


  • Expanded from five markets to 25
  • Increased conversion by 20%
  • New markets include China, Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, Poland and Turkey

FC-Moto, German retailer of motorcycle equipment, went online in 1999 and international business expansion became its key focus area since then. To accomplish this goal, the company adopted Dynamic Search Ads. This has helped the company to expand its reach from 5 countries to 25 markets worldwide.

To achieve the desired international reach at scale, the company required a way to market its products cost-efficiently in countries that spoke the different languages.

“We don’t have a dedicated marketing team or agency,” explains Farshid Chalatbari, FC-Moto’s CEO. “So we were looking for a smart solution that would help us expand our online marketing endeavours at scale while making as much use of automation as possible.”

Once FC-Moto had identified the markets it wanted to expand into, Dynamic Search Ads provided the solution to achieving this. “First of all, we identified the most suitable export markets, depending on parameters like population, social progress, currency risk, motorcycle popularity, and distance, in order to account for delivery costs,” Farshid says. “As we didn’t have any internal language support for these countries, Dynamic Search Ads were the perfect solution for us. Our account management team helped us set up Dynamic Search Ads for an additional 20 countries. By making use of automated bidding, Conversion Optimizer, dynamic ad formats, and auto targeting, we were able to drive our export business at scale.”

FC-Moto now sells to customers in 25 countries including China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, South Korea and Turkey.

The retailer spends about 15% of its marketing budget on Dynamic Search Ads, and has seen monthly conversions grow by up to 20% as a result.

Farshid describes the tools as low maintenance and says that the market insights they provide are of particular benefit.

“Dynamic Search Ads really helped us to gain a foothold in markets we didn’t advertise in before. Our export journey has just started and we’re excited to further grow together with Google.” Farshid Chalatbari, CEO, FC-Moto