10 tips to master the Google Play Console

The Google Play Console allows you to publish your apps and games for a worldwide audience of over a billion active Android users. But the Google Developer Console is not just a publishing tool. It's also packed with features that can help you grow your app's business. Take advantage of the 10 tips in this video, and master the Google Play Console. Discover how to:

  • Run a beta test
  • Stagger the release of app updates to ensure you address glitches before they reach too many users
  • Run Google Play Store listing experiments to see which variants work best
  • Reply to reviews so you can create dialogue and build loyalty
  • Improve your app with optimization tips
  • Enable app indexing
  • Link your Google Analytics account to learn more about user engagement
  • Get email alerts about your app's performance
  • Export your stats for further analysis and insights
  • Automate your publishing tasks