How storybook start-up, Hooray Heroes, grew worldwide sales with Google

Slovenia-based Hooray Heroes was founded by two friends, Rado Daradan and Mic Melansek. Becoming uncles at the same time gave them an idea: why not turn their love for telling stories into a personalised book business, where the customer’s child is the hero of the tale? Their first book launched around Father’s Day, and featured families with a range of different dynamics and origins. It received amazing feedback, and the duo knew they were onto a winner.

Then the pandemic hit, and everything slowed down. Undeterred, Rado and Mic used Market Finder and Google Trends to research new global opportunities, and quickly identified Spain as a possible growth area. To test the water, they started by promoting their free colour books there — and were overjoyed when orders went from 50 a day to several million a week. Since then, the team have continued using Google’s digital tools to help them find more markets to expand into, and the next chapter in their amazing business is underway.

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