Adapt your talent recruitment for the US

The market at a glance

Size of workforce ? Those who work for pay or profit for at least one hour a week, or who have a job but are temporarily not at work due to illness, leave or industrial action
162m people
Employment rate ? The ratio of the employed to the working age
Education rate ? % of population (25-44 yrs old) with tertiary graduation rates
Cost of labour ? Average wages
English proficiency index ? The world's largest ranking of countries and regions by English skills

The US has one of the largest world economies, and a robust market for skilled workers. It’s important to bear in mind the employment laws and regulations that will affect you when you enter the market. This article lays out some of the key points to be aware of when considering growing your business in the US.

Finding the right talent

The US has a number of channels through which to target talent. LinkedIn is widely used, especially by recruiters, to proactively find talent and reach out to candidates. There are also a number of job boards, such as, Monster, and CareerBuilder, used across the country for all different types of roles.

The US has a host of reputable recruitment agencies focused on every level from executive to temporary or freelance workers. The best way to decide which firm to engage with is to find one that specializes by function or level.

Things to keep in mind

The US Department of Labor outlines major federal labour laws to be aware of. It’s also worth noting additional nuances at the state level, especially regarding taxes, that will affect operations and hiring in the US.

Additionally, most employment in the United States is on an at-will basis, meaning that an employee can be fired for a lawful reason at any time.


  1. Total 2017 Labour force
  2. % of working age population
  3. % of population (25-44 yrs old) with tertiary graduation rates
  4. Average wage
  5. English proficiency index