celebrates global success, with a little help from Google

How Google’s international team helped a new online party retailer stand out from the crowd


  • Understand cultural and commercial differences in new markets
  • Reach and sell to shoppers in new European markets
  • Measure the overall impact and return from their marketing spend
  • Quickly and accurately translate ads to each market


  • Accessed Google’s consumer insights and competitor data
  • Started using Google’s advertising products
  • Used Campaign Translator in Google Ads to adapt Google Ad Campaigns to each market


  • Launched new online retail stores in Italy and the Netherlands
  • 100% increase in revenue
  • 6.94% reduction in cost per acquisition
  • 6% rise in average shopping cart value

Everyone loves a fancy dress party...but finding something fun to wear, getting it delivered in time, and doing it all without spending big bucks can sometimes be a pain. Spotting a gap in the market, Lüneburg-based burst onto the scene in 2017 by offering partygoers a huge range of costumes, props and accessories at prices most folks can afford, and with a 2-3 day turnaround.

Within two years the business had launched online stores in France, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, and its 300 employees were shipping over a million parcels to customers each year.

Like many fast-growth businesses, faced a number of challenges – such as hiring the right staff, engaging new customers, and learning how to think more internationally across its marketing, customer service, shipping, and other functions. To help address these areas and uncover new opportunities, the team turned to Google’s market growth experts for advice and support.

How Google helped

Researching new markets

With ambitious growth plans, needed a way to quickly and efficiently research each market and develop the right strategy. The team at Google delivered key insights for each region, including consumer search volumes – which allowed the business to quickly gauge its potential value. also made use of anticipated click volumes and costs per click to plan and set marketing budgets with greater accuracy.

Reaching new customers

Google introduced to Google Ads so they could start connecting with customers who are actively looking for costumes or party accessories on Search, YouTube and their favorite websites. Alongside that, the business also began using Campaign Translator in Google Ads to quickly and accurately adapt ads to new markets, without needing to hire native speakers.

Measuring campaign performance

With Google’s help, learned how to track the performance of its online ad campaigns. For example, cost per click, cost per acquisition, average shopping cart value and overall return on investment. This helped ensure every penny of their marketing budget was used as effectively as possible.

“Google is our strongest source of new traffic and our most important advertising channel.” Max Reisener,