ManoMano expands with sales in new European markets

Making DIY accessible to global customers with the help from Google


  • Follow seasonal trends
  • Understand when and why customers visit their website
  • Create new purchasing opportunities
  • Expand into Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK


  • Monitored and predicted consumer purchasing patterns across international markets
  • Understood specific consumer trends and traits in each market
  • Noted cultural aspects that affect DIY purchasing patterns
  • Optimised Google Ads campaigns
  • Engaged customers during seasonal times and at important life moments
  • Localised campaigns for each new country


  • Sales have doubled between 2015 and 2016
  • ManoMano has 11 million website visits in October
  • The company has 2 million customers
  • Achieved a EUR € 90 million turnover

Paris-based was founded in 2013, with a mission to make DIY accessible to everyone. Since 2015, the company has fulfilled that mission by successfully expanding into Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK with the help of Google services, achieving a EUR €90 million turnover in 2016.

With over 1.6 million products from over 1200 suppliers, ManoMano’s prime aim was to make DIY accessible to everyone.

The company noticed that the DIY market was highly seasonal and constantly changing. Therefore, it was important to understand when the customers were most likely to visit its site by following consumer trends. ManoMano knew that in order to grow it would need to be able to identify other important buying moments and communicate with potential customers at these times.

Following that learning, when ManoMano decided to expand its DIY range of hardware, electrical products, tools and furniture into Spain and Italy in 2015, it asked Google to help with business expansion to international markets. The company wanted Google to help identify key consumer buying trends while still retaining the company’s flexible, data-driven approach to online sales.

As a data-centric business, Analytics would be key to ManoMano’s growth as this could help monitor and predict consumer purchasing patterns across international markets.

Google provided key insights and data needed for expansion into Spain and Italy. These insights highlighted how to engage consumers not just during seasonal purchasing trends, but also at important moments in their lives such as buying a first home.

ManoMano also asked Google to optimise its Google Ads campaigns, and help localise its website and digital campaigns for each new export market.

After successfully expanding into Spain and Italy, in 2016 ManoMano asked Google to support its business expansion into new markets in the UK and Germany.

Maxime de Baillon, Head of Acquisition and Data, observes that “as we launch in new countries, thanks to invaluable data from Google, it becomes easier and easier to make our marketing goals work well.”

ManoMano also worked with Google to hold #ManoMakersDay, an event where YouTube creators from across Europe met IRL and shared their passion for DIY. Google Ads campaigns helped drive brand awareness and a notable increase in website traffic.

Between 2015 and 2016, sales have more than doubled and that rate of growth continues. Today ManoMano has 2 million customers across European markets, with localised websites in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. It enjoyed over 11 million website visits in October, and is set to continue to grow.

“Google has been very helpful. They were able to provide us with insights and clear data for each market and was invaluable when it came to localising.” Maxime de Baillon, Head of Acquisition & Data