10 ways to improve cash flow & increase earnings

The highest-earning apps are those which focus on quality. A high-quality app will get better ratings – allowing you to generate more downloads and increase earnings. Ensure you make money from your app and improve cash flow by following the 10 tips in this video.

  • Price it correctly for each market by researching local economic conditions
  • Allow users to try your app for free
  • Offer users free or extra features with in-app purchases – for example, enhanced functionality
  • Offer an in-app subscription as an alternative to selling digital goods
  • Add value to in-app subscriptions
  • Use insights from Google Analytics to improve conversions
  • Use the Google Developer Console to learn about acquisitions and how to optimize your marketing
  • Use AdMob house ads to promote your other apps for free
  • Promote in-app products to previous purchasers
  • Run a re-engagement campaign