How to build a Display advertising campaign

A guide to effectively building your Display campaign

How to build a Display advertising campaign

1 Overview

The challenge

The success of display advertising — anywhere in the world — relies on targeting the right audience with the right message.

Your aim

To know how to best target and tailor your ads to reach your target audience in each country you expand into.

How to go about it

AdWords has two main networks: Search and Display.

The AdWords Search Network reaches people when they’re already searching for specific goods or services they want to buy.

The Display Network helps you capture someone's attention earlier in the buying cycle, with a variety of ad formats across the digital universe. This network spans over two million websites and reaches over 90% of people on the Internet. It’s designed to help you find the right audience across millions of websites globally. It lets you be strategic and put your message in front of potential customers at the right place and right time.

Let's review what you should consider when targeting and creating your international Display campaign.