Global lighting retailer switches on customer conversions, with Google

Discover how one Danish exporter optimised its checkout flow to increase conversions and grow sales


  • Reduce abandoned cart rate
  • Simplify the checkout UX
  • Improve customer conversion rate
  • Created actionable recommendations for the new checkout


  • Organised a mobile UX and payment optimisation workshop for its export markets
  • Gathered data-driven UX and behavioural insights around consumer payments in key export markets
  • Created actionable recommendations for the new global checkout system
  • Added a checkout ‘progress’ bar
  • Included security logos to reinforce trust
  • Promoted free shipping and fee-free payment options


  • 39% increase in conversion rate and ROAS
  • 58% rise in revenue from increased ad spend
  • 22% decrease in abandoned carts

AndLight is an online B2B and B2C platform selling more than 8,000 high-end designer lighting products to customers across Europe. After starting out in a Copenhagen basement back in 2008, the business began its global expansion strategy in 2012 — and now operates in 10 markets, with more planned.

As well as offering high-quality products, the business prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for global customers who enjoy dealing with a single trusted retailer. They also have an ‘always in stock’ policy, so orders can be shipped on the same day.

Like a lot of rapid-growth businesses, AndLight has experienced its fair share of hurdles. For one, there was always pressure to reach and engage more customers online — but the site’s speed of expansion had created an overly-complex payment process that hindered conversion rates.

After being introduced to Google’s Global Business Solutions Consultants, AndLight were keen to see where improvements could be made, without the need to introduce external specialists and other high-cost resources.

How Google helped

Mobile checkout flow workshop for international markets

Although AndLight’s Google Ads campaigns were attracting new customers to the site, the business was experiencing a relatively low conversion rate. Google’s Payment Consultants recommended running a mobile UX and payment optimisation workshop — with a simple aim: to create a smoother checkout process for its export markets, and remove anything that didn’t directly contribute to securing sales.

During the workshop, the team explored consumer insights, expectations and cultural nuances around the online checkout experience. For example, in Germany, the top three factors influencing the choice of payment method are security, convenience, and a fast/simple refund process. The workshop also looked at how consumers respond if their preferred payment method is unavailable. In the Netherlands, for example, 55% of consumers abandon their cart or leave the website, while 42% use an alternative method, and 3% contact customer support.

Adding a checkout ‘progress’ bar

One recommendation from the workshop included adding a floating progress bar that ‘fills up’ as customers scroll towards the purchase button at the bottom of the page. This helps users to visualize how close they are to checking out.

Making the checkout more user-friendly

Security logos were also added to the checkout page, and the text on the payment button itself changed from “Pay now” to “Pay securely now” to help build trust. The team also suggested adding green stickers for all free shipping and payment methods — to highlight the ease of shopping.

“We definitely see Google as a trusted advisor going forward, both in our internationalisation and with optimising our markets and business processes.” Gustav Lauritzen, CMO, AndLight.