Grow your app with Google AdMob

Earn more with AdMob: use in-app advertising to show ads from millions of Google advertisers and across the globe. You can also choose from many formats to suit your app – from native ads that preserve user experience, to video ads to keep users engaged. Learn more about the benefits of using AdMob.

Grow your business with a trusted partner

AdMob is powered by Google’s ad technology, which has helped millions of developers grow their digital businesses for over a decade. AdMob is used and trusted by more app developers as compared to any other ad platform worldwide.

With cross-platform capability, AdMob can be used with all of the top platforms. This includes Android and iOS, with support for leading game engines such as Unity and Cocos2d-x.

AdMob also enables automatic updates on Google Play. Its integration with Google Play services pushes automatic performance improvements to Android apps without additional SDK changes.

Monetise smarter

When monetising your app, you have the option to show ads from multiple ad networks to help maximise fill rates and increase earnings. AdMob Mediation provides a single place where you can manage many different networks easily. When you mediate from the AdMob network you’ll access a revenue pool from over 40 third-party networks.

Ad network optimisation is a feature within AdMob Mediation that enables publishers to generate the highest CPM from the ad networks in their mediation stack. Ad network optimisation automates the mediation process and helps publishers maximise revenue with minimum effort. You can enable ad network optimisation to generate the highest CPM from your mediation stack in real time.

With AdMob, you can also promote your apps for free. Cross-sell your other apps (or your friend’s apps) to your existing users, using free AdMob house ads. A cross-promotion campaign is one type of campaign that runs in the AdMob campaigns framework. Cross-promotion campaigns are created to promote mobile app installs. Publishers can target their existing user base to drive installs for their new apps. This type of campaign helps you use your existing ad inventory to promote another app that you want to drive installations for. When you use a cross-promotion campaign to promote your app, AdMob will only promote your app to users who haven't already installed it themselves. Creative will be selectively shown based on the user's device operating system.

You can also monetise by running your own directly-negotiated ad deals with advertisers through AdMob Campaigns.

Easy automation

With AdMob, you can get paid in local currencies quickly and reliably, with no wire fees charged. It’s also easy and free, as the SDK can be installed quickly, and there are no standard fees for using the platform.

Understand your users

Link your AdMob app(s) to Firebase and start making smarter decisions about your business with free, unlimited analytics. Gain insights into your Android and iOS apps with Firebase Analytics. Build audiences in Firebase to segment your users, then view reports to understand which ones are earning you the most revenue.