International logistics

Tailored recommendations to help you deliver products to your customers around the world.

Why an international logistics strategy matters?

The right International Logistics strategy will improve your brand perception, impact repeat business and lifetime-values of customers.


of those abandoning an online shopping cart did so because the delivery options were too expensive


bought goods from one retailer over another because they provided more delivery choices


would never stop with an online merchant again following a negative delivery experience

What are your challenges?

  • Are you ready to meet local consumer delivery expectations in new/existing markets? Do you understand local delivery preferences including preferred methods and expected speeds and costs? How does your current offering compare to those expectations/offering of competitors?
  • Are you set up operationally to meet those expectations in a way that works for your business? Have you considered the pros and cons of different fulfilment strategies & models to help balance cost vs speed? Have you planned for future growth/peak periods? Do you have a plan to manage cross-border returns?
  • Have you found trusted providers who will enable you to implement these strategies? Do you know which providers are particularly strong per market? Is your customer looking for providers that can enable specific strategies or offerings? Would an introduction to a trusted provider make on-boarding easier?

How our team can help

Our consultations can help you to:

  • Understand Local Logistics Best Practices driven by local Consumer Expectations. Insights on consumer delivery expectations & benchmarking against international and local best practices.
  • Find a Distribution Strategy that allows you to meet expectations in a way that works for you. Best practices and strategies to help overcome challenges such as: balancing cost vs speed, setting up distribution to new markets, scaling and future-proofing for growth, managing cross border returns, and more.
  • Select the right Provider to allow you to deliver a great customer experience in selected market. Information on provider reach and capabilities & introduction to handpicked global logistics providers.

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