How to approach internationalisation

How to approach internationalisation

1 Overview

The challenge

Around 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from websites in their own language.1 So, if you’re going global, speaking your target market’s language is crucial to your success.

Your aim

To maximise user engagement by creating a website that looks, feels and reads local, but packs all the branding and sales punch of your original site.

How to go about it

Gather a team to determine your localisation strategy. As a starting point, consider these questions:

  • What languages do the customers you’re targeting speak? Consider the variables. For instance, countries like Switzerland, Canada and South Africa are multilingual. Languages like Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and others have various dialects.

  • Does your content management system (CMS) support multiple languages?

  • Who will ensure your site’s content e.g. images, symbols, colours and text are appropriate for your market?

  • Does your site have a mobile–responsive design?


If your market is a large expat community, they may prefer content to be in their own language with prices in the local currency.