How to approach internationalisation

How to approach internationalisation

2 Design your user interface (UI) to be localisation friendly

Talk to your design team about creating UIs adaptable to all your target languages. This design should allow translators to focus on the accuracy of the translation. Your UI should:

Accommodate variations:

  • Spacing — e.g. often German is longer than English, Arabic takes more vertical space
  • Density — e.g. Traditional Chinese characters are detailed, so use 12+ point font
  • Right-to-left languages — e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian


  • Transliteration capability — make it easy to enter any language using Google Input Tools.


Transliteration is to write words or letters in the closest corresponding characters of another alphabet. For example, the name for Russia in Cyrillic script, "Россия", is usually transliterated as "Rossiya" (it's translated as Russia).