Luxury holiday firm Exoticca broadens its horizons, with Rocket ROI and Google

The sky’s the limit-How Google’s global team helped one holiday firm reach new heights


  • Enter new international markets
  • Improve existing online marketing campaigns
  • Lay foundations for future growth


  • Worked with local agency and Google’s International Growth Team
  • Accessed new market insights, including audience types, seasonal opportunities, and likely cost per click
  • Used Google Magellan and Google’s Campaign Translator tool


  • Identified and entered 7 new global markets
  • 950% revenue growth in 2019’s Google Ad campaigns
  • 35% rise in ROAS (return on ad spend)

Exploring Brazil’s rainforests, Madagascar’s wildlife, or Patagonia’s breathtaking mountains are once-in-a-lifetime trips precious few people get to enjoy. But thanks to a Spanish online travel agency called Exoticca, the tide is turning. Established in 2013, their team of luxury holiday experts design the itinerary of every package, and carefully choose each component to ensure maximum satisfaction at competitive price points. By early 2019, Exoticca was generating interest from abroad – so the founders decided to take the business global. After struggling to identify which specific markets to enter, their marketing agency, Rocket ROI, contacted Google’s International Team for a helping hand.

How Google helped

Developing new markets

Key to Exoticca’s long-term success was deciding which markets to enter, and what the suitable strategy would be for each one. Google provided a range of insights, including the type of audiences and opportunities in each region – and even cost per click and attribution figures to help plan and optimize the launch campaigns. Google’s International Growth solutions were also instrumental in helping Exoticca adapt its customer service proposition to these new audiences.

Honing their campaigns

With fewer internal resources needed to research new markets, Exoticca was able to focus on improving other areas of the business. Together, Rocket ROI and Google were able to help refine the product offering and sales process, and uncover new digital growth opportunities. For example, switching from ‘last click’ attribution to a ‘position based & cohort’ model meant they could optimize spend and measure ROI in a way that better reflected the customer journey. The team also started using Google’s Campaign Translator tool to help expand campaign reach.

Planning for future growth

In collaboration with Google, Rocket ROI helped Exoticca create a budgeting model which they can use for years to come.. The business is also exploring how video campaigns can help them connect and engage with customers in new ways.

“Google has proven to be one of our most important service providers over the years. Moving forward, we'll continue to trust and rely on their expertise.” Pere Valles, CEO, Exoticca