10 tips to increase user engagement in your game

Getting users to install your app or game is just the start. True game success relies on user engagement and user retention – ensuring your game or app is compelling enough to make users return again and again. In this video, discover 10 ways to encourage your players to keep on returning, by:

  • Adding Google Sign-in to your app or game to make access easier
  • Rewarding players for achievements
  • Creating leaderboards to encourage competition
  • Saving player progress between sessions and across devices
  • Adding multiplayer options with Google Play game services
  • Offering quests to challenge players
  • Using Google Analytics to inform your decision-making
  • Ensuring you understand player journeys to improve and update your game
  • Going beyond one-size-fits-all ads
  • Using AdMob ads to go native and make your ads a more engaging element of your game