The Oriental Shop extends its export market using Integrated Google products

Learn how Google Ads helped the Dutch online retailer grow globally


  • Increase awareness in Germany, England, and France
  • Expand its export market
  • Independently manage company’s process and products


  • Launched Google Ads campaigns across Netherlands, Germany, England, and France
  • Worked with Google to ensure the right level of support was used to manage the increased orders


  • A huge increase in orders from Germany, England, and France
  • Site visits from high-quality customers increased with Google Ads
  • Using well-integrated Google products such as Google Analytics, Google Shopping, and Gmail has given the retailer confidence to manage its increased orders

Founded in 2013, Dutch online retailer The Oriental Shop sells high-quality Japanese and other Asian products. The company initially focused on selling its collection to the domestic market only. Soon, its product-range proved so popular that enquiries were coming from customers outside the Netherlands. To make it easier for potential customers to find his store, Director Fabian Klinkenberg decided to launch additional Google Ads campaigns across Germany, France, and England. The orders soon came flowing in.

After deciding to expand in global markets, Fabian faced new challenges. With just four employees, he had to balance extending his store’s reach while keeping its day-to-day operations manageable. He used a range of Google tools to both manage the increase in online customers, and to retain them. Fabian says that he is really happy with the service, integration, and support from Google, noting “you know you’re paying for qualitative products and services.”

The Oriental Shop is able to manage the increased demand for products independently after having one month of complimentary support from Google.

Fabian’s decision to embrace the wider export market available to The Oriental Shop has been amply rewarded by his new, larger market of customers who love Asian products as much as he does.

“The quality of site visitors coming through Google Ads is excellent.” The Oriental Shop Director, Fabian Klinkenberg