Localisation Testing and Implementation

Test your localised app

Test on the most common device makes and models in your target markets. Check the UI thoroughly for formatting and presentation issues. Ask native speakers to review.

Run a beta test

Plan a beta release in key countries before launch to get real-world feedback from international users.

Plan for international marketing

Prepare to run an App Campaign, and country-specific marketing from launch. Use the Google Play badge generator to build localised badges for websites or marketing materials. Generate new device art for promotional material with screenshots from your new localisation.

Support international users after launch

Watch your ratings, reviews, and download stats to spot issues that could affect users. Consider creating language-specific user groups or forums, if possible.

Browse and reply to user reviews

Understand what users think of your app and reply to reviews, immediately addressing any issues you missed in testing.

Run Google Play Store listing experiments

When visits to your Play Store listing from your new markets start growing, experiment to see what text and graphics work best. You can run up to 5 at the same time.


For a more in-depth guide to expanding into new markets, with data and insights on key markets, get the Going Global Playbook.