How to make great video campaigns, Part 3/3

The future of video campaigns: Making YouTube insights work even better

1 Overview

As the way people access and interact with the internet changes, Google is pro-actively working to make YouTube better in a mobile, cross-screen video viewing world.

2 The future of video campaigns

Next generation YouTube insights and reporting

The new cloud-based measurement solution is the cutting edge concept for both in generating YouTube advertiser insights, and in protecting privacy and security across Google and YouTube.

With this new solution, advertisers have access to more detailed YouTube insights from their campaigns across devices, so that they can better understand the impact of their campaigns on their highest-value customers. For instance, a car manufacturer could get a rich understanding of how YouTube ads across devices influenced a specific audience (like previous SUV buyers).

Improved ways to reach your audience

Going mobile

With over 75% of YouTube views now on mobile, it is important for you to deliver more relevant, useful ads across screens powered by e better ways to measure campaigns and reach the target audience on YouTube.

Targeting YouTube viewers based on their Google search history

Another futuristic concept is to enable the advertisers to be able to target the YouTube viewers based on their Google search history too.

This enables advertisers to target ads to people who’ve searched for a certain product or service. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer, you could reach potential customers who have been searching for winter coat deals on Google and engage with them with your own winter clothing brand campaign at just the right moment.

Reach your highest-value users on YouTube via Customer Match

Another interesting feature enables advertisers to use their customer data to reach their highest-value customers on YouTube using Customer Match. For example, that same clothing retailer could reach customers who signed up to receive special offers in their stores.

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