Intertaping generates 45% of turnover globally with Google Ads

Learn how Google helped online neuromuscular bandages store from Spain go global


  • Promote products to new global audiences
  • Expand business globally
  • Set up international distribution network
  • Increase income


  • Employed Google Ads to reach potential customers and promote products across Europe


  • 45% of turnover generated abroad
  • €70,000 income generated in two years

Spanish company Intertaping sells neuromuscular bandages online. To expand its business into new markets outside of Spain, Intertaping turned to Google Ads, resulting in 45% of its current turnover now coming from abroad.

Founded in Valencia, Spain in 2011, Intertaping is a small company with an eye on the wider, global marketplace.

As an online business, selling neuromuscular bandages, a popular product for the treatment of athletes’ sports injuries, the opportunity was there for Intertaping to expand outside of its home country. A year after its launch, with sales doing well in Spain, Intertaping partnered with Google to expand its international reach.

Google suggested the adequate choice to support Intertaping's expansion plan was Google Ads, offering search, display and video advertising, to help Intertaping cost-effectively locate and target relevant audiences in its new growth markets. The results were fast and easily measurable. In the first two years of working with Google Ads, Intertaping had generated €70,000 and experienced considerable growth in countries including Italy, France and the United Kingdom, with 45% of its turnover generated abroad.

Fuelled by this success, Intertaping built an international distribution network, which is currently sending orders to over 50 countries and more than 25,000 customers across Europe.

The company did not only exponentially grow its client base, but is outperforming giants like Amazon the countries it is present in. Intertaping now set its sights on becoming the number one online neuromuscular bandages store in Europe.

Google Ads has proven to be the ideal solution for this small but busy company: easy to use, cost-efficient, highly measurable, and also including excellent advice and support.

“The technical help is great. I wasn’t familiar with Google Ads at all and they have helped me to get the most out of it,” explains Javier Martín, Intertaping CEO. Google, he says, is the cornerstone of the business.

“The technical help is great. I wasn’t familiar with Google Ads at all and they have helped me to get the most out of it.“ Javier Martín, CEO, Intertaping