Chocolissimo expands global reach with AdWords

Chocolissimo expands global reach with AdWords


  • Reach new customers without using affiliate networks
  • Expand global reach
  • Continue to exceed customer expectations


  • Employed Adwords
  • Customised AdWords campaigns to engage specific customers
  • Geo-targeted customers


  • Expanded company into Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, and Lithuania
  • Gained global customers including United Arab Emirates

Luxury Polish online chocolate retailer Chocolissimo has expanded its global reach, attracting loyal customers from Lithuania to United Arab Emirates since using AdWords as a core part of its business strategy.

Since its launch in 2004, Chocolissimo’s philosophy has always been to take special care of its customers; and continually adjust its offerings to meet their high expectations.

The company chose AdWords to be a core part of its business strategy to help target customers and increase the company’s global online presence.

“The tool that most helps us reach clients is Google AdWords, which helps us geo-target our customers, ” explains Chocolissimo E-Commerce Manager Adam Jankowiak.

Chocolissimo has successfully expanded its global reach, gaining customers from countries as far afield as the United Arab Emirates since it embraced Adwords.

“There is no doubt that we’ve grown with AdWords” says Adam who notes that an added benefit of AdWords is that “one doesn’t have to make business contacts through portals or affiliate networks.”

Chocolissimo has expanded into Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, and Romania. According to Adam AdWords has played an important role in helping the company achieve its expansion goals, and exceed its customers’ expectations.

“There is no doubt that we’ve grown with AdWords.” Chocolissimo E-commerce Manager, Adam Jankowiak