BAUNAT’s international sales soar as they go global with Google

Learn how Google ads and Google analytics helped the Belgian diamond retailer achieve its goals


  • Find the best global markets for diamond sales
  • Build international customer base


  • Introduced Market Finder to pinpoint new country opportunities
  • Used Google Ads and Analytics to reach relevant audiences internationally with specific jewellery offers


  • 85% of jewellery exported to customers in 45+ countries
  • Western Europe, China and Hong Kong became biggest markets
  • Presence in six countries globally

Belgian diamond retailer BAUNAT sells its collection of premium-quality jewellery online, and has grown its business from national to international since its launch in 2008. The company now has customers in more than 45 countries, achieved by using Google Ads and Google Analytics to find the best markets around the globe for its diamonds.

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, BAUNAT launched in 2008 with just two employees, selling its own collection of handmade premium quality diamond jewellery.

In the early days of the business, BAUNAT found that jewellery advertisements through Google Ads helped them to quickly grow its client base. Now, the company was keen to access a wider, international audience in order to gain the highest possible sales for its diamonds.

Baunat turned to Google to help the company build a global client base, using Global Market Finder – now part of Market Finder – to identify the top countries worldwide to expand into. As the next step, BAUNAT employed Google Ads and Google Analytics to find the right audiences in each target market to approach with particular diamonds to get the best possible prices.

The variables the tools offer have been of particular help to BAUNAT. With Google Ads, businesses are able to target potential customers by website type, audience type, or remarketing, while with Google Analytics, they can refine how they track user activity for their site, choosing the specific data they want to look at. This has given BAUNAT the scope to pick and choose the approach that works best in each country for driving sales. “Google improves its products every year, so companies like ours can keep sales growing,” says Co-Founder Steven Boelens.

It is a strategy that has paid off for BAUNAT. In just six years, the company has expanded to export 85% of their jewellery to more than 45 countries, with Western Europe, China and Hong Kong as its biggest markets. 60% of their sales now come through the website with the remainder coming through their showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, Mumbai, and Hong Kong.

“Google is extremely valuable to us. It gets results. Thanks to Google we’ve gone from being a two-man operation to an international business in just six years." Steven Boelens, Co-Founder, BAUNAT