Measurement is the key to international success

As you move into new international markets, Google Analytics helps you make the most of your budget and gives you the very best chance of success. It’s the perfect tool to help you find, get to know, and learn how to speak to your new international audience.

The power of Google Analytics

Market Finder will help you identify the most potentially profitable new international markets. Now, leap ahead to that moment when your website is up and running, perhaps on the other side of the world. Who’s visiting you? Did they find you via a campaign, a keyword or a domain referral? What did they get up to while they were on site? How long did they spend? How much did they spend? Did they drop out at some point before purchase? Wonder why?

The answer to all the above is Google Analytics. Wherever you’re trading in the world, Google Analytics helps you see what’s working, what’s not and — therefore — what you should do about both. It’s the world’s most popular web analytics tool with around 28 million live websites 1.

Relevance is everything

The more closely you can match your users’ expectations, the better. And that’s exactly what Google Analytics helps you do.

You can set up scheduled reports to be emailed to you at specific times.

For instance:

  • Audience reports tell you about your users: age, gender, interests, where they come from, which language they speak, how often they visit and whether they use mobile or desktop

  • Acquisition reports tell you what brought users to your website: a marketing campaign, a social network, another website or keyword on a search engine

  • Behaviour reports tell you about your website content, in particular, its most visited, most-used entry and main exit pages

If you are expanding into new markets, this helps you find and get to know your new international audience, then pinpoint and focus on your most prized, highest-converting visitors.

With this information, you can create and deliver:

  • A relevant online user experience
  • Customised messages and campaigns to appeal to the majority of your visitors
  • Content based on where your visitors came from or the search term they used to find you
  • Content based on what you know they’ve been searching for already
  • Content that’s relevant by language, images and copy to their geographic location

Google Analytics helps you know what’s working and what isn’t; and precisely where and how to spend time and money to attract and convert new customers. All of which lets you make the most of your budget and gives you the very best chance of international success.