10 Tips to increase Google Play Games downloads

Once you've built a high-quality app and published it on Google Play, you need to make sure people know about it. With so many apps on the market, that can be easier said than done. Whether you've developed your app for fun or as a business, you'll want to boost your app installs and ensure maximum Google Play games downloads. This video offers 10 tips to help you maximize installs by:

  • Optimizing your Google store listing
  • Taking your app global and ensuring it's localized
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Running app install ads
  • Refining your marketing via Google Analytics
  • Making sure your app appears in Google search
  • Driving 'over the air' installs
  • Outsourcing for smart app invites
  • Adding an app card to your YouTube videos
  • Earning 'word of mouth'