App Campaigns drive high-value user installations for RecargaPay

Learn how the company reached to new markets with App campaigns


  • Grow in the app market with top-up solution that lets customers buy credits for pre-paid SIM cards
  • Increase transactions with more high-value users


  • Implement App Campaigns and adjust bidding strategy based on performance


  • Investment: +100% budget increase
  • 40% increase in conversions
  • 14x increase in install volume
  • Accelerated expansion in Mexico and Argentina

RecargaPay offers its customers the fastest and most secure way to top up their mobile phones remotely by purchasing credits through its app. Focusing on Brazil, RecargaPay is now featured in the main app stores for all Latin American countries, with an average 4.5-star rating in Google Play.

As Brazil's leading mobile payment portfolio, RecargaPay has built a fully modular, state-of-the-art platform, becoming a worldwide reference for its highest levels of security, and an exclusive anti-fraud technology tailored to the opportunities and complexities of the Brazilian market.

RecargaPay was looking to develop and grow in the app market that featured a top-up solution allowing their customers to purchase credits for pre-paid SIM cards. Alongside this goal, it was also important for the company to increase the number of transactions that were taking place on their app, with a particular focus on generating more high-value users.

By implementing App Campaigns in their digital marketing, RecargaPay was able to expand the number of potential users the app was meant for.

The company was also able to adjust the overall bidding strategy based upon the performance of different campaigns. By assessing and discovering the most valuable users, which had been established upon actions that were deemed important (for example, in-app conversions), RecargaPay could fully optimize their campaigns moving forward.

“Google’s App Campaigns are a powerful tool to drive qualified traffic to our app. We track which searches and placements result in conversions, and this information feeds back into our bidding strategies,” says Richard Fenning, RecargaPay’s Digital Marketing Specialist.

Once the campaign was fully operational, RecargaPay saw its metrics drastically improve across the board. The company noted that its investing budget increased by 100%, alongside a 40% improvement in the number of conversions they formed.

RecargaPay saw the volume of installations they were receiving rise by fourteen times over. This level of growth led to an accelerated rate of expansion as the company managed to move into several new markets, namely Mexico and Argentina. Moving forward, the company looks towards further developments in new markets. As RecargaPay continues to utilize App Campaigns, Richard adds, “With App Campaigns, Google has become our #1 source of new user acquisitions.”

"With App Campaigns, Google has become our #1 source of new user acquisitions." Richard Fenning, Digital Marketing Specialist, RecargaPay