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Why optimising your international website purchase path matters?

Providing a frictionless seamless purchase journey helps not only build trust & improve reputation in international markets where a brand may be lesser known, but also acts as a positive revenue driver.


of companies stated that improving the customer journey and user experience is the most important commerce-specific development in the next 12 months (Euromonitor International)


of customers in Germany are more likely to buy if the product information is in German, over a product without information in German (CSA Research)


of customers in France report free shipping as the most valuable motivator when shopping (Euromonitor International)

What are your challenges?

  • Are you noticing specific decreases in conversion rate or bounce rate for specific markets?
  • Have you seen an increase in the cart abandonment rates in a specific market(s)?
  • Are you noticing any specific operational challenges across the customer journey that may be impacting sales?

Assess your customer journey on your international website:

  • Landing Page - Do you have a clear call to action & upfront communication on promotions, delivery, customer notices etc?
  • Product Page - Have you localised currency, customer reviews, delivery/returns info, access to support?
  • Cart - How do your delivery options & timelines benchmark against competitors?
  • Conversion Funnel - Is your checkout secure, localised payments available?
  • Support Effectiveness - do you have dedicated FAQs & easy access to support channels in the local language?

How our team can help

Find opportunities to increase conversions in international markets with a market-specific assessment across localisation, payments, customer care & logistics to:

  • Improve digital purchase path to further boost sales
  • Diagnose conversion rate issues to improve bounce rate
  • Assess digital readiness of operations strategy