Global customer care

Our expert advisory program makes it easy to win in international markets, by supporting users at the moments that matter in the customer journey.

Global customer care

Why a Customer Care strategy matters?

Customer experience plays a key role in the customer journey to increase sales and influence loyalty.


of consumers want easier access to self-serve solutions for customer service (Ovum)


of customer expect to receive real-time assistance (Zendesk)


of consumer interactions can be resolved by well-designed bots (Accenture)

Consultation types available

Support the sales funnel

Analysis of current support model, with recommendations on how to keep your customers in the sales funnel & win the sale.

Optimise current operations

Evaluation of current operations. Best practices on Process Documentation, QA, Change Management, Targets & KPIs

Leverage Technology

Intro to Unbabel, a multilingual AI solution (1st year - 20% discount)

Fast-tracked referral to the Cloud team to get started with launching your 1st bot.

What else to expect?

Market Insights - Understand support expectations in new markets

Competitor Analysis - Learn from other players in the industry

Find the right partner to go global - Introduction to global Customer Care providers based on needs

How our team can help

Our premium program can help you through 1:1 consults

If eligible, we’ll work with you to identify which of our three consultation formats will help your clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals:

  1. Support the sales funnel: acquire new customers with a best-in-class sales support strategy.
  2. Optimise current operations: retain loyal customers by providing a world-class customer experience.
  3. Leverage technology partners: provide always on support with conversational agents to keep up with demand & support customers in international markets.

All consultations include market insights, competitor analysis, best practice sharing and recommendations, and partner referrals (if required).

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