Understanding the range of payment options for your customers

Make sure you offer payment methods best suited for your market

Understanding the range of payment options for your customers

1 Overview

The challenge

Increasingly, consumers are choosing alternative payment methods such as online bank transfer, mobile wallets or cash based payment options when completing a purchase. In many countries, alternative payment methods represent a higher proportion of e-commerce growth than credit cards. They offer people a fast and secure method of payment. They are also attractive to consumers who do not have a bank account.

Your aim

Make sure your business supports the right payment methods for your customers by offering them traditional and non-traditional payment methods.

The way consumers pay has changed

Your customers now have more ways to pay than ever. For millions of people, electronic payments are a main method of payment, with many consumers using their mobiles to make payments. Advances in technology have made customers more accepting of innovations, and also more demanding of their merchants.

You can be ready for your customers wherever they are in the world by adapting your site to give people the payment choices that are right for them.