3 Online registration platforms

Registering your business online is the most efficient way of registering. It lets you file incorporation documents electronically and sometimes even lets you complete the entire business registration process online.

The most common online registration features include:

  • Online company name search
  • Electronic submission of documents and applications
  • Online filing of annual accounts
  • Exchange of data between different agencies

For example, in Singapore and New Zealand owners of start-ups can complete the entire business registration process online. Thanks to the connections between different agencies’ systems, they can register their business with tax and social security authorities at the same time that they complete their registration process.

You can register your business online in the UK using GOV.UK.

The benefits of using online registration

Using online services to register your business has several advantages. It is faster than going to a one-stop shop. It is less expensive than paper-based registration processes, with minimal costs, if any. Another advantage is that economies which allow start-up businesses to register online are less likely to have bribery or corruption, as the opportunity for interacting with officials is non-existent.