Make your online presence fit in with the Danish market

Make your online presence fit in with the Danish market | Market Finder | Google

10 Important rules

Here are the top seven translation tips that will make you sound like a local in no time.

  1. Be sure to localise pricing, date formats, measurements, and currency

  2. Stay clear of colloquialisms and expressions used in your language, as they may not translate in the Danish market. For example, local slang

  3. Avoid literal translations and guess work

  4. Take account of cultural differences so you don’t confuse or offend your Danish audience. For example, don’t mention Boxing Day in a promotion or assume that it will be understood

  5. Use native translators whenever possible, preferably with a range of expertise as technical translators won’t understand the nuances in marketing copy, for example

  6. Help your translators as much as possible by giving them the context of the piece to be translated and its audience, and providing them with pictures and visuals whenever possible

  7. Provide a glossary and previously approved copy to your translators when you can