How to approach an international AdWords campaign

A guide to making AdWords work in overseas markets

How to approach an international AdWords campaign

2 Discover your opportunities abroad

Once Market Finder has helped you find potential overseas markets, it’s time to identify and attract your target audiences. Knowing them helps you tailor your global AdWords campaigns to work across Search, Display and Video, so your campaigns will connect with the right audience at the right time.

Insights from your own site and accounts:

Understand how you might connect with users based on what you’ve already done

Take cultural differences into account and localise your keywords, ads and landing pages

Invest in professional translation services to make sure your campaign reads like a local. But, translating to a new language isn’t enough. The customer journey varies by market, and your AdWords ads should adjust accordingly. Develop your strategies to align with how your potential customers search. Their behaviour will dictate how they connect with your brand, and you want to have the right content in place to capitalise on that.

Keep an eye out for cultural nuances

Things like symbols, colours and images on your site may need to vary. Think about your calls-to-action. For example, be more deferential in countries where politeness is prized. Even the medium that you use to connect with users can be modified by the market. What’s great video content in one location might be better as an image ad elsewhere. The preferred web browser of one market might affect how your landing pages are rendered. Consider average broadband speeds and design a site that will upload quickly anywhere.

Market Finder tools and guides can help

General marketing trends: Understand how different markets behave online and how that fits in with what you want to achieve and what you can realistically accomplish. Market Finder will help you discover how people use the internet around the world, and create customised analyses of online access and device usage in the countries you’re targeting. You can take a close look at metrics like online purchase behaviour, purchase breakdown by product, use of smartphones in online purchase, and much, much more.

Display Benchmarks: Want to understand how your Display campaigns compare to the rest of the industry? Or how different ad formats and sizes perform compared to each other? This tool lets you pull up-to-date industry benchmarks to help you better plan and measure the success of your Display campaigns.

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