How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

A guide to optimising your campaign to convert likes and views into sign-ups and sales

How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

6 Using advanced campaign settings

Geographic location

You can target your video ads to people located in, or who show interest in, a geographic location. Choose one or more geographic locations relevant to your ads. By advertising to the right customers, you can hopefully increase your return on investment (ROI).

For example, when advertising your bakery in Paris, you can target only people located in Paris or only people who show interest in Paris, or both. Or, if your online business ships to Canada and the US, you can target both countries.

Target language

You can choose the language of the sites and videos that your ads appear in by changing the target language in your campaign's settings. To decide where to show your ads, AdWords looks at a user’s Google language setting or the language of the user’s search query, currently viewed page, or recently viewed pages on the Display Network.

Schedule setting

Use this to specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your ads to appear and to control how long your campaign runs. It's important to keep your content fresh so people will keep coming back. For instance, you might consider scheduling your in-stream ad so that it only runs for one month.

Ad delivery setting

Use this setting to specify how often we deliver your active ads in relation to one another within an ad group.

For example, you can optimise your ads for views, conversions or rotate them evenly. You can also set a frequency cap, which limits the number of times that your ads appear on the Google Display Network to a unique user — helpful if you want to limit the number of times someone sees your ad, or if you want to focus more on gaining exposure of new people.

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