How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

A guide to optimising your campaign to convert likes and views into sign-ups and sales

How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

1 Overview

The challenge

Through YouTube, you have a wealth of ways to track and measure how your video ad campaign is performing. How best to use that information to make the very most of what your campaign can achieve?

Your aim

To know how best to choreograph the metrics to reach an even broader and more relevant audience, to boost search results and maximise conversion rates.

How to go about it

Video is an animated way to bring your brand or product — or both — to life through sight and sound. Put that visual engagement together with the huge range of YouTube targeting options we looked at in Part 1, and you can see how video ad campaigns are a powerful medium to reach the right audience with your message. So, how do you use what you now know about measurement and targeting to shape your campaign into one that not only attracts likes and views, but converts those into sign-ups and sales?

Part 2 is our guide to the most important viewer actions to optimise to reach the most relevant audience on YouTube, and meet — or exceed — your targets.

Note: The following tips are just some of the ways you could maximise your campaign for the best results, and shouldn’t be treated as any guarantee of success.