How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

A guide to optimising your campaign to convert likes and views into sign-ups and sales

How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

3 Making the most of your view rate

Your view rate is the total number of views of your video ad divided by the number of people the ad was served to. The higher the view rate, the more engaged viewers are with your content.

A video ad with a high view rate will generally win more auctions and pay a lower CPV than a video ad with a low view rate.

If you're interested in driving the most views for the lowest cost, you might want to identify ad assets and targeting methods that can help increase your ad's view rate.

Similar to CPV, a view rate point-in-time analysis can be useful to understand if you’re doing well or poorly, but it's more critical to understand the trends.

Tips to meet your view rate goal

Improve your targeting

Although it’s not obvious that targeting could be a method to improve the view rate of a campaign, it could impact performance because it affects who is able to view your ad. Here are ways that targeting can affect view rate:

  • Wrong targeting — adjust your targeting methods as you work out who is responding best to your ad. If you identified the wrong target audience to begin with, and are seeing more skipping of your video ad, adjust your targeting as this becomes clear.

  • Missed audience — you might also be restricting where your ad shows, and therefore hiding ads from viewers who may want to view them. Some advertisers think any views outside a specific target demographic group are wasted. But, remember that TrueView video ads are billed only when someone chooses to watch the video, so it may be possible to find a receptive audience by expanding your targeting. This will often have the added benefit of reducing your average CPV.

Improve your ads

Shorter ads have higher view rates so, if your ad can convey the same message in 20 seconds as in 30, consider a shorter version. If you create several ads as part of a campaign, each will provide you a chance to connect with your audience more effectively. Even small differences in your ad's text or video can mean large improvements in view rate and cost over the course of a campaign.

Minor tweaks like changing the introduction, or adding or removing call-to-actions can help shift viewer behaviour and improve view rate.

Try rotating 2 or 3 different ads in and out of the auction to avoid ad fatigue.