How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

A guide to optimising your campaign to convert likes and views into sign-ups and sales

How to make great video campaigns, Part 2/3

4 Making the most of your click-through rate (CTR)

Your click-through rate is the total number of clicks on your video ad divided by the number of people the ad was served to.

While view rate is the primary engagement metric associated with video campaigns, CTR is another way to measure how well your video campaign is doing.

If your goal is to drive more people to your website, YouTube channel or Watch page with your video ad, CTR is the main metric to look at and optimise for.

The higher the CTR, the more engaged viewers are with your content, and the more interested they are in learning about you.

Tips to meet your CTR goal

Add a clear call-to-action (CTA) overlay

CTA overlays can be added to TrueView video discovery and in-stream video ads on YouTube, at no extra cost. They can increase viewer engagement and, because they’re associated with the video instead of the ad, CTA overlays will show whether your video is triggered through an ad or an organic (unpaid) view.

For example, you can mention a specific selling point about your business to put you above your competitors, or mention what visitors can look forward to if they click to your website.

Remove low-performing inventory or placements

You can find information about the placements of your ads by navigating to the Targets tab, and then clicking on Placements under Where my ads were shown. As with placements in AdWords display ads, try to edit any inefficiently performing placements.