How to make great video campaigns, Part 1/3

A guide to measuring viewer actions to better achieve your advertising goals

How to make great video campaigns, Part 1/3

3 Other reporting features

Many of the reporting features available for Search and Display campaigns are also available for video campaigns, such as:

Advanced filtering

Filter your account statistics to search for the data that interests you the most, for example, YouTube earned actions or Max. CPV. You can either filter by label or create your own filter. Once you've created a filter, you can save it for easy access in the future.


Use segments to split your data into rows based on the options that matter most to you, such as format, network, device. You can also segment by view type to split out your performance by in-stream views versus video discovery views. Your segment choices vary, depending on the tab of the AdWords account you're viewing.

Automated reporting

You can customise the statistics tables of your AdWords account using columns, segments, and filters. Once the tables look exactly how you want, you can download them as reports in a variety of formats and save them. You can also set up reports to run at specific intervals, and schedule them to be emailed to you or other people who have access to your account.

My change history

This lists the changes you've made to your account. It shows each change within a timeline, mapped to your account data. You can view all changes for a particular time period, filter the results by the type of change (such as budget adjustments or ad group edits), or see changes for a particular video campaign. By comparing your changes with the timeline of performance data, you can find out which changes may have contributed to changes in your performance.

Modifying columns

When you're viewing your AdWords account from the All campaigns view, you can add and remove columns on any tab, by clicking Modify columns on the Columns drop-down menu. Whatever you deselect will be hidden the next time you sign in to your AdWords account. When you select Video campaigns on the campaign type drop-down menu, you'll see the following predefined types of columns:

  • Views — use these columns to monitor your video views and audience engagement
  • Audience — these metrics help you track the growth of your YouTube audience
  • Branding — see how well your video ads are building brand awareness
  • Conversions — analyse clicks and conversions on your website