How to approach global video advertising

A guide to getting your video ad seen and acted on in new global markets

How to approach global video advertising

2 Research and localise

Market Finder should be your first port of call to find the potential global markets that are a fit for your business. So, you’re off to a flying start, knowing your business can compete there. Now,

Going global is all about acting local

Localisation extends the ROI of your video ad as understanding the nuances of the language, culture, and values ensures your video ad will resonate with your audience. So, at pre-production, it pays to invest in a professional script translation — armed with the relevant search terms from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner — to capture an easy colloquial voice. This side-steps the embarrassing possibilities of jarring, offensive, or uncomfortable wording. It also allows you to think through the subject matter, sentence structure, and speed of the spoken language. It’s always best to provide unique content for each country. And remember to allow for localisation costs in your initial budget.