Getting your products from A to B

A guide to international fulfilment and logistics

Getting your products from A to B

1 Overview


You’ve completed your market research and pinpointed the potential market abroad which is right for your products. Have you thought about how your products are going to get from A to B?

By planning an overall international logistics and fulfilment strategy, you can ensure a continual, reliable supply of your products to your new market.


To have an international fulfilment and logistics strategy which will ensure your orders are delivered to your export market on time and on budget.

Your decision to expand your product into a potential market abroad is part of a rising trend. Cross-border international trade is increasing 28% every year according to a 2015 Accenture and AliResearch report.[^1] Fulfilment houses, transport networks, and compliance companies are growing in number and expertise to meet this increased demand.

How to go about it

Depending on your business strategy, you may want to consider either a cross border model or an entity within a region e.g a warehouse in-region and local fulfilment.

For example, if your supply base is in Asia and many of your customers are in the UK, you can evaluate consolidating at a specific location in Asia and shipping directly into the UK, either to your customer or an in region centre that will fulfil your customer needs.