Offering apps in multiple currencies

A guide to setting up payment for your apps in local currencies

Offering apps in multiple currencies

5 Payment

Payment will be issued to your bank account in the currency that matches your payments profile. You can't select the payment currency or receive payment in a currency other than the currency associated with your Google account or your domestic bank account.

On the orders page of your account, you'll see the currency the buyer paid. If the currency for the order doesn't match your payments profile, Google will convert the value to your currency. Payment for orders made in local currencies will follow your normal payment schedule.

Exchange rates

Google uses the exchange rate at the time the order is placed. You'll see the exchange rate in your order receipt for each app.


Refunds will be issued in the same currency as the order and changes in exchange rates won't affect the refund amount. Any debits applied to your payments profile for chargebacks will use the exchange rate from when the order was placed.

For more information, read about refunds and cancellations.

Local currency support

When Google adds support for a new buyer currency in a country where you already distribute your app, we'll automatically generate a price for your app based on your app's default price, the current exchange rate and locally relevant pricing patterns.

You can review your app's prices on your app's Pricing & Distribution page.