catapults into new international markets with Google AdWords catapults into new international markets with Google AdWords


  • Export into international markets
  • Build brand awareness among target audience of businesses and individuals
  • Drive take up of among new global audiences


  • Employed Google Global Market Finder to pinpoint target markets
  • Used AdWords to target ads to relevant audiences
  • Tracked and analysed campaign results with AdWords


  • Expanded into Germany, Brazil and Indonesia
  • Now in 50 countries worldwide
  • 20% of enquiries from AdWords now convert into new business

Offering online English proficiency tests, is used by businesses and individuals to improve their language skills. To break out of their native Slovakia and compete against established global players such as TOEFL, used AdWords to reach new international markets.

Founded in 2013 and with just four employees, have won most of their new business in their home country of Slovakia through word of mouth. Keen to expand further afield, needed a cost-effective way to promote their online English language testing tool to new international audiences. chose Google AdWords to help them grow their business. They used Global Market Finder, now part of Market Finder, to locate the right countries to target by comparing opportunities based on relevant keyword searches, then using AdWords to raise awareness among the company’s target audience in these countries. “When we decided to expand abroad, AdWords was the ideal tool,” says Co-Owner and CEO Braňo Pokrivčák. “We’re able to assess precisely which country to target by using Google Market Finder. With AdWords we can go global and measure everything in detail.”

In fact, thanks to the ability of Global Market Finder and AdWords to help businesses locate and target new audiences, within just a few months topped search results under advertising in its business segment. Braňo is delighted with the outcome: “20% of our enquiries from AdWords convert into business – that’s a great result.”

As a result, AdWords has had a key role in positively influencing and shaping the company’s international expansion since its introduction into’s marketing strategy. To date, it has helped reach new customers in Germany, Brazil, and Indonesia, bringing the total number of countries they have customers in to 50 so far.

Braňo explains: “Google Global Market Finder helps us pinpoint target markets, then AdWords lets us see where our service has generated the most interest. We have paying customers in 50 countries and aim to double that next year.”

Braňo is particularly impressed with the price/performance ratio achieved with AdWords, and the fact that results appear instantly, and are measurable, all of which he says is helping to keep firmly at the top of their game.

“20% of our enquiries from AdWords convert into business – that’s a great result.” Braňo Pokrivčák, Co-Owner and CEO,