Strider Sports reaches global riders with help from Google tools

How one biker-turned-inventor uses Google tools to reach customers around the world


  • Reach potential new customers in the U.S. and abroad
  • Maximise traffic to Strider’s global website and YouTube channels


  • Launched a global website and fully integrated it with Google Analytics
  • Created Google Ads campaigns that run in each market
  • Built local YouTube channels in several markets, where they share customer videos and reviews


  • International sales account for 60% of all Strider bikes sold annually
  • Google Ads generates 30% of Strider’s online traffic
  • Strider has achieved over 10 million views on YouTube and counting

As a bicycle enthusiast, Ryan McFarland couldn’t wait to share his passion for riding with his young son. Eager to hit the road, Ryan built his son a lightweight, pedal-less bike that soon attracted the attention of other parents. He grew his idea into a successful business, and has now sold nearly 2.5 million bikes in 78 countries.

Garden shed to global expansion

Even before his son could walk, Ryan was busy shopping for toddler-friendly vehicles. But all the products on the market were too heavy and cumbersome for little ones to use.

One afternoon, he modified a regular child’s bicycle into what soon became the Strider – a pedal-less balance bike that even the tiniest of toddlers can use. As interest from fellow parents grew, Ryan sensed he was onto something.

Going global

In 2007, Ryan launched Strider Sports International, Inc. and began making simple balance bikes for kids of all ages. Two years later, the company started exporting products to Japan. Now, Japan is Strider’s largest international market.

How Google tools helped

  • Google Ads

Designing and manufacturing a great product is one thing, but selling it worldwide is something else entirely. With help from Google Ads, Strider is able to reach new customers in the U.S. and around the world. Google Ads drives nearly 30% of the company’s online traffic.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been an integral part of the Strider website and digital growth strategy since day one. Today, Strider has different websites running in many countries, and they use Google Analytics on all of them to make improvements, better understand their customers, and determine how to reach customers in the US and across the globe.

  • YouTube

Through their YouTube channel, Strider shares videos from happy customers and their children. “We have a highly engaged customer base out there,” says Ryan. “They’re so thrilled about what their kids are doing on the Strider that they’re making marketing videos for us.”

So far, Strider has generated over 10 million views on its videos. They’ve also created local YouTube channels in several markets. “The internet really is the prime location to run a business in today’s world,” adds Ryan.

"The beauty of the internet is that, even from the most remote locations, you can still be connected to the whole world." Ryan McFarland, Founder & CEO