Precis Digital helps clients achieve their cross-border potential, in partnership with International Growth Agency Program

Discover how Precis Digital is enabling clients to explore global opportunities and driving overseas growth


  • Help SMB clients achieve their post-pandemic global ambitions
  • Develop a new cross-border marketing proposition
  • Grow revenue and strengthen the agency’s position


  • Used Google’s Global Business Solutions practitioner curriculum to improve the team’s cross-border knowledge and skills with a special focus on Localisation, Payments, Logistics and Customer Experience
  • Accessed exclusive global marketing insights, techniques and tools using Market Finder


  • Developed a new cross-border marketing proposition
  • Helped over 25 businesses in the Nordics go global
  • Grown YoY agency international revenue by 63%
  • Increased agency headcount by 27%

With offices across Scandinavia and the UK, Precis Digital is a data-driven marketing agency that helps clients develop their digital strategy, and reach their online growth potential.

As the pandemic began taking its toll on the region, the team knew it needed to find new ways to help businesses sustain growth, and be ready for the recovery. To achieve this goal, they set out to improve their export capabilities — which would not only support and drive their clients’ international growth goals, but also help the agency itself tap into valuable new revenue streams abroad.

In collaboration with Google, they started developing a strategic partnership on the International Growth Pillar through the International Growth Agency Program.

How Precis Digital worked with Google for success:

Google's International Growth Agency Program partners with agencies such as Precis Digital enabling them to become trusted and effective partners in supporting businesses to succeed internationally. An important part of the program is the Global Business Solutions (GBS) offering. They worked closely with Precis Digital to build in-house capabilities for the business to deliver operational consultations to clients across localisation, payments, logistics, and customer experience, This empowered Precis Digital to become even more trusted consultants to drive growth in a dynamic market environment.


Developed a cross-border marketing proposition

Using their learnings from the International Growth Agency Program, Precis Digital created an export and localisation service that clients can use to explore the best way to enter new markets. They also developed an International Growth knowledge hub, supported by their own in-house experts and resources.

This service includes a range of digital and operational tools along with a wide range of customised insights such as the Global Business Solutions practitioner curriculum to enable Precis to build GBS in-house Champions. The curriculum included knowledge check quizzes and task-based learning chapters. Together with these tools and resources to conduct analysis, Precis Digital also regularly uses Google’s Market Finder tool to elevate their pitches and optimise campaigns for quick wins, with the latest category and market insights.

Accelerated clients’ international growth

While Precis Digital weren’t necessarily strangers to running global campaigns, Google has collaborated with them to focus on strategy and build a comprehensive service offering that supports clients in a whole new way. In London alone, the team has already helped three SMB clients expand into new global markets in the last six months — despite incredibly tough trading conditions caused by the pandemic. The team has also received record-high Net Promoter Score ratings from its client base.

Achieved its own growth ambitions

Expanding its cross-border service proposition enabled Precis Digital to achieve its two strongest quarters to date. In the last 6 months, client acquisitions have also grown by 83% — and year-on-year international revenue is also up by 63%. The agency is now on its way to becoming Google’s largest International Growth Partner in EMEA, and has actually increased headcount by 27%, despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

“We’ve always worked with international companies, but from partnering with Google we’re now able to offer a fully-fledged service that helps clients reach a truly global audience. We’ve gone from a team of digital marketers to a team of trained global marketing consultants — ready and able to help businesses get the most out of the global digital economy.”
Christian Mollerstrom, COO, Precis Digital, UK