Learn how MYBO used AdMob to develop new games and increase downloads


  • Grow and expand popular library of games
  • Ensure that the user experience is not interrupted
  • Funnel earnings back into new game development
  • Ensure high fill rates


  • Increased investment in AdMob, with substantial payoff
  • Used unobtrusive banner ads
  • Relied on full-page interstitials at end of games
  • Designed more excellent, entertaining games


  • Achieved 10 million downloads for games worldwide
  • Achieved 75% of profit from ads, with 90% coming from AdMob
  • Grew AdMob earnings from $200 to $1000/day
  • Received two million downloads and 10,000 5-star reviews in the first two weeks for “Bouncy Seed”

MYBO LIMITED is a gaming company that uses AdMob to monetise existing games and fund the creation of new ones. Ads comprise 75% of MYBO’s group’s profits, with AdMob contributing 90% of that income. Learn how it has achieved its growth from a small start-up to reaching worldwide customers.

Monetisation? No problem

What started out as a high school hobby quickly turned into a serious game studio for Song Wei, founder and CEO of MYBO LIMITED. With the ultimate goal of creating games that provide exceptional entertainment to users, MYBO LIMITED strives to be a first-class mobile game developer with visibility and adoption around the world. “Once we released ‘Starry Nuts,’ our AdMob earnings grew from $200 to $1000 per day,” says Wei. “At the same time, an AdMob competitor was pitching us with interstitial ads with cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) twice what AdMob was offering.”

“Starry Nuts” was selected as Google Play’s featured game, as well as a Google staff pick for tablets. It has already received 1 million downloads on Google Play, and that number is growing. Overall, the company has seen more than 10 million downloads worldwide for all its games combined.

AdMob: predictability and stability

MYBO LIMITED chose AdMob from the start because it provides a stable platform and continuously updating software development kit, as well as predictable and ever-growing income. Fill rates stay at around 98%, and click-throughs hover at around 1.2%. Says Wei, “Google possesses the best advertising resources and global reach, so it doesn’t make any sense not to use AdMob.”

For most of its games, MYBO uses banner ads as well as full-screen ads once the game is over. A much-loved feature is Smart Banners, which automatically appear correctly based on the screen sizes and capabilities of the different devices, including both tablets and phones. “With Smart Banners, we can cater to users on virtually any device, and our tests show that our games have a very low crash rate,” says Cherry Chen founder and chief operating officer for MYBO LIMITED.

Data-driven decisions

MYBO LIMITED appreciate the fact that Google Analytics offers an intuitive dashboard view so that they can easily see how many people are engaging with the company’s games and how they are playing them. If certain pages are not used, then the team quickly makes changes. Or, if gamers zip through the most difficult levels of the game, then MYBO knows it needs to create a new, more challenging level. This type of information allows for continuous improvement and fuels game popularity.

MYBO also uses custom events whenever gamers purchase via a ‘like’ button or use a particular item in one game. Then, using the events overview report in Google Analytics, they can see the reports. Top events will display data on the highest performing events. “Events are a very useful way to us collect data about our users’ interactions with interactive components of our game,” Chen says. “Then we put all the data together to adjust amounts for in-app purchases.”

Rising stars

Although the company is most famous now for “Starry Nuts,” its another game “Bouncy Seed” is also a rising star. It received two million downloads and 10,000 5-star reviews in the first two weeks. The young company is, not surprisingly, exceptionally pleased. “We love games and we love to brainstorm with each other about new, fun ideas,” says Wei. “But of course in all this, AdMob plays a very important role in our revenue and profits. AdMob ads do not interrupt the user experience, yet AdMob provides a stable revenue base so we can keep doing what we do best – creating entertaining game experiences and having fun doing it.”

“Today, ads comprise 75% of our group’s profits, with AdMob contributing 90% of that income.” Song Wei, founder and CEO of MYBO LIMITED