Favret Mosaici increases website visits by 45% with a global SEO and social media strategy

Learn how Google helped the Italian mosaics creator to increase brand awareness


  • Raise brand awareness in Italy and globally
  • Increase site visits
  • Develop online advertising campaigns


  • Used Google’s Eccellenze in Digitale initiative
  • Redesigned website with new content
  • Developed SEO and social media marketing activity


  • 45% increase in site visits
  • 20% rise in international contacts

Designer and creator of traditional Italian mosaics, Favret Mosaici was well-established in their home country but wanted to increase brand awareness both nationally and internationally. Taking advantage of Google’s Eccellenze in Digitale initiative, the company redesigned its website, and developed its global SEO and social media marketing strategy to gain more attention. As a result, website visits rose, and contacts internationally have increased by 20%.

Established in Pietrasanta, Italy in 1933, Favret Mosaici still makes all its mosaics the traditional way, using natural marble and Venetian enamel, in its onsite studio.

A successful bricks and mortar company for many years, Favret Mosaici launched its first website in 2007. More recently, the company has increasingly used digital to help build awareness of its mosaics both within Italy, and on a wider international scale.

To achieve this, Favret Mosaici turned to Google’s Eccellenze in Digitale initiative, a free online training course that can be tailored to fit individual requirements. With 23 course topics available, the digital programme offered the company a range of video tutorials on everything from designing an effective and easy to use website, to using SEO, developing social media strategies, and expanding internationally.

“Digital tools are particularly good for promoting a niche product like mosaic design, thanks to their relatively low cost and the possibility of reaching a large audience,” explains company owner Paolo Favret.

Guided by the programme’s lessons, Favret Mosaici first redesigned its website, improving the content to strengthen its digital identity. It also used the tutorials to create online advertising campaigns and further develop its global SEO and social media marketing strategies to help them find and target new audiences interested in mosaics.

The work paid off. Improving the content of the website resulted in a 45% increase in site visits, largely due to its renewed presence on social media, and Favret Mosaici also significantly boosted its international contacts list.

“Thanks to the Eccellenze in Digitale initiative, we have developed our SEO and social media marketing activity extensively, increasing our international contacts by 20%.” Paolo Favret, Owner, Mosaici Favret